High Stakes Poker

"High Stakes" is a game of Seven-Card Stud Poker that will be a fun and interactive experience for players.

What will make this stand out from all the other Poker videogames out there is the emphasis on a physical interaction as well as competition against smart, reactive opponents. The plan is to use both Nintendo's Wiimote and NaturaPoint's TrackIR head tracker for control to play against responsive, motion captured avatars for a truly immersive poker playing experience.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

HSPoker Graphical Asset Design

High Stakes Poker uses full body Skeletal Animations for opponent character.

Below Figure shows a brief production pipeline.

1. Character Head modeling
We used FaceGen software to generate high resolution head model with over 50 types of shape keys. These shapes include all phoneme level morph and other emotional expressions.

2. Character Body modeling
With maya software, we could build fullbody model, rigging and merge head model from facegen software.

3. Animation
All character animations we use in our game were acquired from motion capture data.
With talented performer and scripts, we successfully achieved very smooth skeletal animation.
During Animation edition, we used Autodesk MotionBuilder and Maya software.